“The first love…

“The first love doesn’t necessarily be the first person”

Finding Mr. Perfect, 2010


It hurts to even see your name

Cause I’d be reminded again 

and it’s uncomfortable

and unpleasant.

All the stupid things I did

come flashing at night

in the day

when I’m thinking

when I’m not thinking

but I’m not like that now

I’m a far cry from that now

but just know this

I don’t hate you

I just want to get off each others’ path

not having any connection at all

and not see your face again

cause it hurts to even see your name.

Spring: My 10 Perfect Songs


Spring’s here! Well technically not /here/ where I live where it’s hot and humid all the time. I really wish we’d have a distinct four seasons like other countries do. Spring would have been my favorite season. I love flowers, it’s such a feast to the eyes. Yeouido must be packed with couples by now, with its hundreds and hundreds of blooming pink cherry blossom trees. So romantic! So here I post my very own spring playlist, in which I put ten songs which I thought suit the lovely romantic themed spring. Although I don’t know if I actually grasped the concept precisely, seeing how I’ve never experienced spring personally *cries*

Nevertheless, here’s my take on songs for spring.

1. Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending

What is spring without Busker Busker? They totally carved their spot in the spring season with this song. The song title even speaks for itself. I really love Busker Busker and while this might not be my favorite song from them, it surely won the hearts of many as they made history in the Korean music industry when this song re-entered the music chart a year later after its release during well.. spring!

2. K. Will – Love Blossom

Love blossoms in spring! This up-beat song it perfectly fitting, especially for couples out there. The lyric was written to compliment the season well. Check out the video if you haven’t. The song really gets you going and the music video captures the occasion of spring romance starring Infinite’s L and Sistar’s Dasom. You won’t regret!

3. Jay Park – JOAH

The music video doesn’t really portray that standard spring feel to it with its graffiti walls alley and streets. But hey, isn’t Jay in red beanie adorable? He IS the flower in this music video.

4. M to M – Really Want to Say Hello 

I posted this song in my previous entry here. This ballad song is from the drama Lie to Me. The drama was shot during spring and there was this one memorable scene where Kang Ji Hwan kissed Yoon Eun Hye under this cherry blossom trees pathway and the petals were falling on them (most probably drama crew in action behind cameras pouring the petals for them-lol totally cuts of the romance sentiment off from your imagination right?) and this song played. It’s my favorite drama OST too, give it a listen.

5. ZE:A X5 – The Day We Broke Up

Spring can’t be all lovey dovey. While this is a song about a break up, those who don’t know the meaning of the lyric would think this is just another up-beat song. I like this sub-unit of ZE:A. It’s easier to grasp, with smaller number of members. These five boys have the perfect look for spring.

6. Kim Tae Woo – High High

Not to be mistaken with another song of similar title by GD&TOP. This is another up-beat song from a drama I like so much that I’m now in the middle of watching it for the third time, A Gentleman’s Dignity. This drama was also filmed in spring.

7. IU – Good Day

This is actually a sad song despite its tempo. A song that sky-rocketed IU to her success with her exceptional three octaves that proves her singing skill and secured herself in the hearts of thousands of uncle fans.

8. Busker Busker – Calling You

I don’t even know if this is relevant but it will be because Busker Busker is the icon of spring. This is my favorite song from Busker Busker. The original version is a tempo slower than the one they played live.

9. Infinite – Man in Love

Nam Woohyun’s high notes, Nam Woohyun’s high notes, Nam Woohyun’s high notes!

10. G-Dragon ft Kim Yoona – Missing You

This is from Ji’s One of a Kind’s album. I love every track from this album and I thought of this song. Doesn’t this song make you feel good inside? Maybe I’m missing you~~

There are lots of other songs such as Roy Kim’s Spring Spring Spring and IU’s Rain Drop, but I could only get ten in there or else it’d be a really long list. Some songs might not be suited for spring at all, but these are the songs I listen frequently now. I watch a lot of variety shows and since it’s spring in Korea right now, all I see from these shows are flowers and really good weather (I’m done with long months of winter and coldness), so it makes me want to listen to these songs. Although I can’t experience it myself, when I listen to these songs and close my eyes, it’s spring in my heart 🙂

Result day

Finally got my exam result back yesterday. I thought I’d die from anxiousness when the email came 3 in the morning. I was typing an entry at that time, but deleted it halfway out of anxiousness, heh.

To be completely honest and I know some will hate me for saying this, I was really disappointed.

But I didn’t really want to show that I was disappointed, because I don’t think that’d be polite for others who got low pointer and were upset with their result. But still, hiding it won’t completely make it disappear. I was really hoping for a four pointer. This is what I hate about expectation. You crush when it doesn’t exceed.

Last semester I got a 3.91 pointer, which not until today, I believe was my result. That was my first exam. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how well do you have to do to reach certain pointer. I was predicting 3.2 pointer, back then. And then that digit came out in the email. This was exactly six months ago. And honestly during that six months, up until yesterday, I doubted that 3.91, I really did. I had a lot in my mind back then.

“Did the office messed up other student’s result with mine?”

“I think they keyed in the wrong ID”

“Something might have gone wrong with the system” 

So I had a lot of concern with this semester’s result. But I can’t help but wish for a four pointer after seeing last semester’s result (though still filled with doubt of its legitimacy). But I didn’t get a four pointer. My pointer even decreased this semester, though not by a large margin, making my total CGPA 3.89. It’s really the curse of the last paper. And physics. Physics and me, don’t go that well. And apparently chemistry too.


But I still have hope for a four pointer though. Haven’t got my UPU pointer, in which they take the three best subjects only and this pointer will be the one used for entry requirements in local universities.

So now that we’ve got our final result, I think it’s safe to say that I officially have no on-going connection to our foundation life anymore. Goodbye, it wasn’t that nice while it lasted.

The Romantic and Idol: Park Hyungsik Nam Jihyun jjang!

I’ve been watching random stuffs lately, like My Tutor Friend. I watched that movie a very long time ago when I was still in primary school. Kwon Sang Woo from ten years ago looked cute, but I gotta say I prefer him now that he’s 36. Man he just aged beautifully, that handsome guy. Then someone mentioned about The Romantic and Idol on my timeline so I went and googled it, and tried giving it a shot.

Honestly I’m not very crazy about idols, especially those that aren’t very popular and rookies. But I am such a romance junkie, I go crazy over WGM although it is fake but the romance is thrilling. So you can pretty much predict why I go crazy over The Romantic and Idol. To be completely honest, I only anticipated Hyungsik-Jihyun romance, although it was shocking to watch the twists that happened between other couples.


운명 couple (fate couple), ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and 4Minute’s Nam Jihyun. They look so well together ackkkkkkk!

I didn’t really like Jun K here. I don’t know, most girls would find him romantic but I’m not really fond of his LTE skinship with all the girls he dated. He seemed very.. how do you say, playboy-like? I’m sure some of the viewers felt that way too. I’m just glad Junho wasn’t the one doing it, cause he’s my bias heheheh. As of Hyejeong, I’ve only seen her in Cheongdamdong Alice, in which she plays a very bitchy sister of Moon Geun Young. I didn’t like her that much in that drama thanks to her role, but she seems very nice in TRAI. I sort of wanted her to couple up with JB though.

Mir was.. very Mir-like hahah. I’ve seen him a lot in variety shows, I’m quite a fan of MBLAQ you can say so I know very well how he behaves. He doesn’t really appeal to me in this show, because he’s quite far from my ideal type. He’s just so playful I cannot see him being romantic at all. As for his partner Jei, I know nothing about her at all. I’ve heard of FIESTA but never bothered to listen to them. Towards the end she became the popular one, with three guys chasing after her (Hyungsik is of course faithful to Jihyun!). I still feel awkward about her pairing up with Mir.

JB from JJ Project. Hmm. First off, I knew about him from Dream High 2, which sucked balls. Second, when I heard news of his debut and his stage name which is JB, it turned me off. Jaebeom is such a handsome name. Why JB? It reminds all of us of Justin Bieber and I hate that. I dislike him most in this show. Because of what he did to Seungah. I know his heart was with Jei but I felt like he ignored Seungah too much towards the last few episodes. I know they did become a couple in the end and although he denied it, I’m pretty much sure it was out of pity.

Now on to the reason why I watch this thing till the end: Hyungsik-Jihyun couple! I can’t even begin on how I ship these two together. During the first night when Jihyun was out with Jun K and approached by Mir, I saw how sad Hyungsik was and my heart goes to him. He looked so pathetic grilling the meat that night. Another reason is, Hyungsik is the closest to my ideal type out of the four. I love how faithful he was to Jihyun and how fate brought them together (real fate, not stupid fate Mir kept mentioning lol) during all the shuffle play.

ImageJeju-do is such a beautiful place. They picked out the right place for the shoot. One of my favorite Hyungsik-Jihyun moment is the girl music shuffle play, where Jihyun chose to use ZE:A’s Aftermath. I kept listening to that song eversince.

ImageIt’s crazy cause the highlight of this show is the final selection and the thrill that comes with it, and everybody knows Hyungsik and Jihyun were gonna pick each other so there’s zero suspense but I still anticipate theirs the most. I even skipped Mir’s and JB a little. So yes I freaking ship this couple and I really really want them to be together in real life but I know that both of them denied it but I just can’t help but hope waiting for the articles to come out 😛