Dating Agency: Cyrano


This is a drama that I’ve been waiting for since I heard of its making, Dating Agency: Cyrano. Now for those who are fans of Korean cinematography pieces, you might probably seen the movie Cyrano Agency that this drama is based from.

This drama probably has a lot of viewers among SONEs as SNSD’s Sooyoung is acting as lead. Well I am probably the only one who came to watch this drama for Lee Jong Hyuk. I loved him from Gentlemen’s Dignity which shot him to mainstream popularity, he’s also in my current favorite variety show Dad! Where Are We Going aka Appa Eodiga. Not to forget Lee Chun Hee and also two flower boy-like actors Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Yoon Woo (arang ahhh~~~) He’s such a cutie in the drama!

I have something for tvN’s romcom dramas. Queen Inhyun’s Man, all three Oh! Boy series, Reply 1997 and few more works I enjoyed watching, they never (so far) disappoint so I’m looking forward to this drama. Even the first episode was filled with star-studded cameos. I might not remember all but to mention a few there was Lee Chung Ah, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Yoon Ji, even SHINee’s Taemin.

Still confused about the love lines in this drama, because so far the love line highlights were all focused at their so-called clients. I’m not sure if they’re gonna pair Sooyoung and Lee Jong Hyuk up because that’d be so weird with their 13 years gap in age, so I’m hoping the script doesn’t lead to that road. I don’t mind if she has one with Chun Hee though. He seems to show some affection in Sooyoung’s character.

I’m actually very satisfied with Sooyoung’s acting, because I thought she’d flunk bad thanks to the bad acting her fellow SNSD members showed us (ahem Yoona Yuri Jessica ahem). I’m always very skeptical about idols venturing in the acting department because they always suck, except UEE, but I was pleasantly surprised with Sooyoung, so far.

Okay I’m off to watch the fifth and sixth episode, it was just out!

Bbyong, x


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