“Will fate be funny to my life and choose that 1/5 chances?”

That was what I said in my entry here few weeks ago. I really hate it and everybody close to me knows how much I hate going back there. 1/5 was the chances of me going back to Palam. It could be smaller than that as I am more than qualified for the first course choice that I applied, and thought that I’m almost confirmed for it *biggest life lesson, over-confidence will only bring you down.. all the way down to the deep valley of depression* but of course, I was proved wrong because this is what happened..


Can I just cryyyyyyyyyy. Okay, first of all, the result was out and I found out I got Bachelor in Pharmacy in UiTM. It is my 6th choice and I got it. All the other courses above pharmacy that I chose have lower academic requirements, mostly 3.00 pointer, while pharmacy usually requires 3.7 and above. While pharmacy’s core subjects are chemistry-based, chemistry is not my forte at all. In fact I never managed to get an A for Chemistry while doing my foundation. I only scored A- for both semesters, and organic chemistry was the biggest reason why. To make matters worse, the faculty of pharmacy for UiTM is placed at.. *drum rolls* Puncak Alam! Yayyyyyy! Woohooooo! Congratulations you have scored a jackpot!!!!!!



Now I’m not gonna write on why I resent that place so much since I already mentioned it in my previous entry. People around me try to comfort telling me that it’s a good course. Well I can’t disagree with that since pharmacy is indeed one of the famous three so called ‘critical course’ and I am thankful for that. When I saw the astounding numbers of failed applicants that didn’t even get a place, I felt bad for even feeling this way. Maybe this is what Allah has in store for me. There is a reason why all of this is happening.

Honestly I don’t even know my ground now. I’d resent it, and then try coming up with a few good points and then be okay about it, and then hate it again, and tried thinking positively telling myself it’ll be all right and like it, but I’ll hate it again. It keeps going around and I don’t know which side I’m at now. But there’s nothing I can do about it now since I accepted the offer already. Now all I can do is wait and experience it myself.

Fate is funny, indeed.

a depressed future pharmacist(?)

July Jam

There has been a few new songs out and I’d like to share those that I like and listened to a few thousand times. I know that it’s only early July and there’ll be lots of songs out but I’m just gonna post these as for the time being.

1. 2NE1 – Falling in Love

Fresh out the oven! The queens of kpop are back with Falling in Love, a new spin from their usual in-your-face songs. It has this reggae feel with a hint of electronic, suits very well with the summer season. 2NE1 is my favorite girl group out there and I gotta say they look gorgeous in the MV. Especially CL. Guuuurll, damn you so hot. The baddest female never disappoint. I screamed a little upon seeing Hong Jong Hyun’s cameo in the MV, I mentioned my crush for him from his drama Dating Agency: Cyrano. Not to forget the always so gorgeous Lee Soo Hyuk (well what do you expect from a man that does modelling for a living). Well he’s practically a YG family. A fun fact if you haven’t already known this, he is GD’s best friend. If you think he looks familiar, he was in 2NE1’s It Hurts MV filmed few years back.

2. John Park – Baby

This is his title song from his new album Inner Child. I swear I listened to this song for I don’t know how many times already. It’s so addictive. If you’re not familiar with him, he is the runner-up for Superstar K2, Korea’s biggest singing audition program, which made Seo In Guk, Roy Kim, Huh Gak, Busker Busker and Ulala Session famous, to name a few. He’s also an American Idol dropout, though not quite sure which season. I love love love this MV, don’t you think it’s the cutest thing ever? I particularly love the intro of the song.

3. John Park – Sipping My Life

This sort of jazzy piece is also by John Park’s Inner Child. It’s a bonus track (not quite sure what does that mean, it is less important or what) and it’s my second favorite song from his album. I’m surprised by his voice here because if you listen to his songs he has this deep voice ย and it’s quite unusual and welcoming to hear his falsetto in this song. Another plus point, this song is fully in English. English, not that Engrish that we all are familiar and used with. In his showcase here he mentioned he had troubles writing this song in Korean, so he wrote it in English and it sounded better. Although I never really heard of the ‘Korean version’, I think writing it in English sounds better.

4. Ra.D – A Certain Flutter

As you can see from the album art (if you can read hangul), this is one of the OST for Dating Agency: Cyrano. I don’t really have much to say since I’m not quite familiar with this singer, other than it has a nice R&B feel to it, rare in OSTs and Korean music (or have I really just been ignorant). If you watch this drama, you’ll be familiar with this song. If you don’t, well.. give it a go!