It’s half past twelve at my place now. August has finally come. We have only a week left in Ramadhan, and with that being said Raya is coming in a week. As I get older, I’ve gotten less interested in the whole Raya hype, my family being the huge only reason why. August is also my last month working at Cotton On Kids. Now that I’ve realised, I never mentioned about my part-time job in this blog. Maybe I’ll post a short entry on my last day. This month will also be my last month here before I start my dreadful degree. I’m leaving on the 30th, tickets all booked since last month. I still have a very heavy heart about that, but let’s not talk about that now. So I have about a month left to myself, I hope I’ll spend it wisely, without regret. I also have lots to say, in fact I have few entries that went into my drafts cause I got lazy typing midway, but I’ll be sure to put them up by this week.

amalina, xx


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