Appa Eodiga (아빠 어디가)/Dad Where Are We Going

I have been wanting to blog about it since it’s my #1 priority in terms of the things I watch now but I just couldn’t find the right time to write an entry, also because I have so many things to talk about and I don’t know where to start. When I heard of it even before the first episode air, I was hooked to the concept of the show. It’s fresh and new, and most importantly (and I have to say the reason why it is now the most popular variety show) real. The kids don’t know they are a part of a tv show (except for Minguk maybe cause he’s old enough to figure out) and are not allowed to watch the show at home so what you get is a generous amount of cute youthful innocence.

Despite its popularity domestically, this show isn’t getting much attention from international fans and I think it’s because nobody subs them anymore (daebaksubs and shiareagy used to sub it but their sites got shut down, now kshownow is somehow starting to sub them from where shiareagy left it but the subbing quality of kshownow sucks) and also the fact that everyone is so focused on Running Man. To be frank, most Appa Eodiga fans that I know have adequate Korean vocabulary to understand and watch it RAW like me, because we have no other choice. All those drama watching did not go to waste 🙂

For those who are unfamiliar with this show, it’s a show where five celebrity dads go on a vacation with their children. Well, not that kind of vacation where they go to resorts and sit back and relax. The lineups are as follows..

1. Sung Dong Il and son Sung Joon 

Although you might have not known his name before, if you are an avid follower of k-dramas, you might have seen Sung Dong Il in his numerous works as an excellent supporting actor. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Reply 1997, Jeon Woo Chi are some of his most popular projects. He is the oldest among the five dads and the most wise I would say. His son Sung Joon is 8 years old and probably the most good looking among the kids *warning pedo nuna alert* You have to watch this show from the beginning to see how positive this show has been for the Sung family. As you can probably predict from his appearance, Sung Dong Il was very strict to his children to the point that they are scared of him but this show has changed how Joon interacts with his dad now.

2. Yoon Min Soo and son Yoon Hoo

Yoon Min Soo is in a part of a ballad duo called Vibe (check them out if you haven’t; mad, mad vocals) and rose to popularity with his appearance in I Am A Singer. He is the youngest of the dad, and has his son Yoon Hoo (same age with Joon) and he is his only child. Personally, Hoo is my favorite kid out them all (though currently wavered by Joon and Junsu from recent episodes). I like Yoon Min Soo most too out of all the dads. He approaches Hoo like a friend, it’s always enjoyable to watch him play tricks on his son. Also, he is the the most favorite uncle when a popularity vote was held among the kids. He has an alter-ego called Morris every time they had to cook hahah this is an inside joke (watch Appa Eodiga to find out!). I can’t tell you why I like Hoo in just a single paragraph! He has far too many charms you have to see yourself. One of the obvious one is his bold crush for Song Jong Kook’s daughter, Ji Ah.

3. Lee Jong Hyuk and son Lee Junsu 

Lee Jong Hyuk is an actor that has been in a few projects, but the one that really made him rose to his popularity was Gentleman’s Dignity. It’s one of my favorite dramas (seriously, I have rewatched it three times in a span of less than a year), and his most recent drama was Dating Agency: Cyrano, in which I have mentioned several times in my previous post. He is a father to 7 year old Lee Junsu, also known by his nickname troublemaker. Well Junsu doesn’t really make troubles, but his mischievousness got him that nickname among the fans of the show. I personally thinks he looks like a mini Kim Soo Hyun. Junsu yah, pedo nuna is waiting for you to grow up and be like Kim Soo Hyun, alright? Now that we’ve mentioned this, Junsu did mention his dream to be an actor like his dad. Since he is the maknae alongside Jiah, his aegyo is soooooooooooo cute. Despite his aegyo, he has a 상남자 (manly) image compared to his hyungs (lol Minguk and Hoo). I really like to listen to him when he talks. He just recently showed an interest to Jiah who is practically Hoo’s. So far there is no fighting over the girl, at least infront of the cameras hahahah.

4. Kim Sung Joo and son Kim Minguk

Kim Sung Joo is an announcer and MC. His son Kim Minguk is 10 years old and is the oldest. Despite being 맏형 (eldest brother), he is most popular by his nickname 울보 (crybaby) since he cries a lot, even more than Jiah. I have to say this father-son combo have the worst luck out of the families, especially in terms of lodgings. But Minguk has changed and doesn’t cry as often now. On the other hand, since he is the eldest, he is the most wisest out of the five, and I really like to see his leadership when carrying out the missions. My most memorable Minguk moment was the first vacation at Pumgeolri, during the ingredients mission. When Jiah and Hoo were so into the puppy they forgot to carry out their mission, he was saying ‘nega michyeo!’ (I’m going crazy!) over his dongsaeng. I don’t know, probably because that was the first reliable image I’ve seen of him.

5. Song Jong Kook and Song Jiah

Song Jong Kook is an ex-national representative for South Korea soccer team. His nickname for this show is 국가대표 (national rep). Despite the ‘honorable’ nickname, in recent episodes he just formed a new one, Dumb and Dumber, with Kim Sung Joo. Not sure which one is the Dumb and which is Dumber though heheh. He is a 딸바보 for his daugther Song Jiah, who is the only girl among the boys. As I mentioned earlier, she has a love line with Hoo and recently with Junsu, but it seems like she’s playing 밀당 with both of them hahah.

Those are the lineups for this show. I hope people start watching it and realise all the goodness that is in this show. I think I’m so hooked because I love kids, gosh I’m even working for Cotton On Kids now, so I guess it makes sense. But that’s not the only deciding factor, as it is the most loved variety show in South Korea, so a lot of other people love it too! I hope a proper team will come to sub this show for those who need it. Spread the loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀


He sings about the spring

This is such a random 3AM post, but here’s some photos, well actually just two photos of Roy Kim‘s cutest one shot made public ever. I was already a fan of him but when I saw him guesting Hello my heart just meltttttttttttttttt.

Are you ready for extreme cuteness?

Are you?


Brace yourself……………………………………

















Imagehere’s another one


Isn’t that bandana and apple hair combi the cutest thing ever?!?!?! I love you Roy Kim’s stylist/coordi/hairdresser! You have reached the peak of your career with this mere decision.

I went through so much trouble finding just this pair of decent photos. Tried searching on google but nothing came out, just screen cap from the episode. I wanted the official photo. Found the thumbnail on KBSW facebook but still I wasn’t satisfied. Finally I went to KBS official site and found it! I can never navigate myself in the website if I didn’t know how to read and understand hangul *clap clap to myself lol*

The Romantic and Idol: Park Hyungsik Nam Jihyun jjang!

I’ve been watching random stuffs lately, like My Tutor Friend. I watched that movie a very long time ago when I was still in primary school. Kwon Sang Woo from ten years ago looked cute, but I gotta say I prefer him now that he’s 36. Man he just aged beautifully, that handsome guy. Then someone mentioned about The Romantic and Idol on my timeline so I went and googled it, and tried giving it a shot.

Honestly I’m not very crazy about idols, especially those that aren’t very popular and rookies. But I am such a romance junkie, I go crazy over WGM although it is fake but the romance is thrilling. So you can pretty much predict why I go crazy over The Romantic and Idol. To be completely honest, I only anticipated Hyungsik-Jihyun romance, although it was shocking to watch the twists that happened between other couples.


운명 couple (fate couple), ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and 4Minute’s Nam Jihyun. They look so well together ackkkkkkk!

I didn’t really like Jun K here. I don’t know, most girls would find him romantic but I’m not really fond of his LTE skinship with all the girls he dated. He seemed very.. how do you say, playboy-like? I’m sure some of the viewers felt that way too. I’m just glad Junho wasn’t the one doing it, cause he’s my bias heheheh. As of Hyejeong, I’ve only seen her in Cheongdamdong Alice, in which she plays a very bitchy sister of Moon Geun Young. I didn’t like her that much in that drama thanks to her role, but she seems very nice in TRAI. I sort of wanted her to couple up with JB though.

Mir was.. very Mir-like hahah. I’ve seen him a lot in variety shows, I’m quite a fan of MBLAQ you can say so I know very well how he behaves. He doesn’t really appeal to me in this show, because he’s quite far from my ideal type. He’s just so playful I cannot see him being romantic at all. As for his partner Jei, I know nothing about her at all. I’ve heard of FIESTA but never bothered to listen to them. Towards the end she became the popular one, with three guys chasing after her (Hyungsik is of course faithful to Jihyun!). I still feel awkward about her pairing up with Mir.

JB from JJ Project. Hmm. First off, I knew about him from Dream High 2, which sucked balls. Second, when I heard news of his debut and his stage name which is JB, it turned me off. Jaebeom is such a handsome name. Why JB? It reminds all of us of Justin Bieber and I hate that. I dislike him most in this show. Because of what he did to Seungah. I know his heart was with Jei but I felt like he ignored Seungah too much towards the last few episodes. I know they did become a couple in the end and although he denied it, I’m pretty much sure it was out of pity.

Now on to the reason why I watch this thing till the end: Hyungsik-Jihyun couple! I can’t even begin on how I ship these two together. During the first night when Jihyun was out with Jun K and approached by Mir, I saw how sad Hyungsik was and my heart goes to him. He looked so pathetic grilling the meat that night. Another reason is, Hyungsik is the closest to my ideal type out of the four. I love how faithful he was to Jihyun and how fate brought them together (real fate, not stupid fate Mir kept mentioning lol) during all the shuffle play.

ImageJeju-do is such a beautiful place. They picked out the right place for the shoot. One of my favorite Hyungsik-Jihyun moment is the girl music shuffle play, where Jihyun chose to use ZE:A’s Aftermath. I kept listening to that song eversince.

ImageIt’s crazy cause the highlight of this show is the final selection and the thrill that comes with it, and everybody knows Hyungsik and Jihyun were gonna pick each other so there’s zero suspense but I still anticipate theirs the most. I even skipped Mir’s and JB a little. So yes I freaking ship this couple and I really really want them to be together in real life but I know that both of them denied it but I just can’t help but hope waiting for the articles to come out 😛